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Candy Hands started its business in London, having developed several wellness and fitness projects. The company expanded overseas by developing projects in Brazil, Angola and Qatar.

Following this experience Candy Hands opened a branch in Portugal, in 2018, with the vision of sharing the luxury expertise in the development and management of wellness & SPA projects being a key player in the SPA industry. A company pioneer in starting on-call in-room services at the premium hotels in Porto. Besides the in-room offer, Candy Hands started developing SPA project for 5 star hotel brands and applying its unique management formula to maximise the revenue and take client satisfaction to another level.

We define ourselves as creators of dreams, where people can connect with themselves and discover unique aspects of their beings. Our recipe is simple, let your clients have the ultimate wellbeing indulgence.

Please feel free to get in touch with us by phone +351 220936439 or by email:

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