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We work hard to have only the best health, fitness and beauty professionals in Porto, so you can get the best possible service in a safe and trusted environment. All of our team members are qualified, experienced and fully insured to carry out the treatments they offer. We are very happy to be a global team of diverse individuals brought together by our shared passion to revolutionise the wellbeing industry. At Candy Hands we make an effort to get to know you personally, to better understand your preferences and individual needs.

André Rodrigues


André is an experienced Physiotherapist, Osteopath and Pilates Instructor; Has worked in sports and private practice constantly adapting to individual needs to create a deeply therapeutic and invigorating experience for each client. He is friendly and very professional. Fluent in English and Spanish

Tânia Cerqueira


Tánia is an excellent Physiotherapist with a vast experience in treating aesthetics dysfunctions. Over the last years, Tania has been a physiotherapist at a private hospital in Porto treating a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological cases. She is very friendly and will do her best to make you recover as fast as possible. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Natalia Takabayashi

Physiotherapy & Ayurvedic Therapist

Natalia is a Brazilian physiotherapist with over 10 years experience. She has attended several courses, training and has worked in different areas such as aesthetics and sports. Some of the techniques include: sports massage, relaxing massage, shiatsu, and ayurvedic massage. In the aesthetics area Natalia is very experienced at applying manual lymphatic drainage and modeling massage. Caring and kind, Natalia is passionate about her work, always striving for excellence, in promoting health and well-being to her patients. Good in English and Spanish.

Mariana Soares


Mariana holds a degree in both sports science and physiotherapy which allows her to have great management of sports associated injuries. She is also a Pilates Instructor and has worked at hospital and private practice settings giving her extensive clinical experience. Marianas ’ new passion combines aesthetic treatments with Physiotherapy. She is great at lymphatic drainages and modelling massages, etc. Mariana is currently attending a MSc in dermato-functional physiotherapy. Mariana is kind and calm transmitting these qualities to patients during treatment. Fluent in English.

Vitor Pinto


Vitor holds a degree in physiotherapy. He is passionate about manual therapy and has attended several courses and lectures to learn more about these techniques. Currently, Vitor attends an osteopathy course and soon will become an osteopath too. He believes that manual therapy/ osteopathy can look at a client globally thus solving the problem individually. Fluent in English and after a period of work in Spain, he is fluent in Spanish too.

Carolina Sousa


Carolina holds a degree in physiotherapy. She has worked for a few years in a Spa clinic which gave her vast experience in all kinds of relaxing and aesthetic massages (lymphatic drainage and modelling techniques). Carolina works part-time in a private hospital as a physiotherapist and loves the contact with her patients. She is very kind and her goal is to promote mental and physical wellbeing to all her clients. Fluent in English.

Mariana Pedrosa


Mariana is a Physiotherapist with special interest in the field of sports and neurology. Throughout her professional career she has also developed competences in the dermato-functional area. Becoming very experienced in techniques such as lymphatic drainage, relaxation and anti-cellulite massages. Mariana adapts easily to different situations and contexts which generally pleases customers, due to her versatility. Fluent in English and Spanish.

Daniela Coutinho


Ana Afonso


Miguel Fafiães

Osteopathy & Physiotherapy

Catarina de Medeiros

Reiki & Beauty

Catarina has worked as a beauty therapist for several years. Her professionalism has made her known in the industry and her clients are always satisfied with the results. Catarina has done many courses in manicure and pedicure, specifically podology techniques and evaluation. Our Signature Manicure and Pedicure has been put together by her based on her practical experience. Catarina is also a Reiki practitioner. She has been studying the human aura, the chakras and the healing energies for a long time and she has great results working with Reiki energy. Fluent in English.

Carla Marôco


Carla is a multi-skilled individual. Having worked as an accountant for so many years and having also pursued her passion for handcrafting, Carla was still feeling somehow empty…. So she decided to search for something that would have a meaning in her life. Reiki was the perfect match, since then Carla hasn ’t stopped working with Reiki energy and helping dozens of customers. Fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.


Ayurvedic Therapist

Abu is from India and has been teaching yoga for the past 10 years in different schools, colleges, hospitals and I.T. corporate companies such as Microsoft, Capgemini, GE, Mytrah Energy and Google. Abu is well experienced in teaching Hatha, Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow, Hot yoga, Power yoga and yoga therapy. The classes are dynamic, challenging, filled with good humour and all inclusive. Abu is fluent in English, Hindi, Telug and Urdu.

Erica Martins

Ayurvedic Therapist

Erica has an extensive experience working in the financial world, and from an early age she was interested in holistic therapies. She started with ayurvedic medicine, as Ayurvedic Medicine Technician, certified by AMAyur - Portuguese Association of Ayurvedic Medicine. She is currently receiving new training certified in Hridaya - Therapies in Gaia, within Ayurvedic medicine. She holds Level II of Reiki and training in Pranic Healing by Master Choa Kok Sui, certified by the Golden Prana Institute - Philippines, namely in the basic and advanced courses of Pranic Healing as well as Pranic Healing with Crystals. It has a high team spirit and communication skills, as well as a high sense of personal and acquired organization, given the different tasks performed, over the years of work. Fluent in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Maria Ferreira

Ayurvedic Therapist

Nuno Fontes


Teresa Monteiro


Henrique Rocha


Raquel Coelho


Vivian Afonso


Vivian is a Brazilian physiotherapist with over 13 years experience. She graduated at Bandeirantes University of São Paulo. She holds a post-graduation degree in sports physiotherapy, traumatology, (including Maitland/Mulligan manual therapy techniques) and neurofunctional (adult and children). Vivian has extensive experience in domiciliary care dealing with a diverse scope of pathology such as stroke, CP, post operative and spine problems (postural correction or trigger points) and edema (post operation or non-pathological). Vivian uses several techniques; from Bobath, manual therapies (relaxing massage, lymphatic drainage, miofacial release, Maitland/Mulligan) and RPG. She is good in English.

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